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Best Sport To Get Rid Of Extra Fat

Sport is essential for the good health of our body but also of our mind. Some practice it to stay in shape and preserve their health, others to keep their spirits up, others just to go out and have a social life, others to lose a few pounds…but whatever the reason that pushes you to to move and exercise, it is necessary to be regular and above all not to forget that, to give results, sport must imperatively be associated with a healthy and balanced diet.

What physical activities should be favored to lose weight? And how often? There is of course no general rule applicable to everyone…it would be too easy. It will depend on everyone. The factors that influence weight loss are very diverse. We have the sleep, the way of life, the type of work we do, the mode of transport we use to get around on a daily basis… but food and physical activity remain, all the same, the main factors.


What physical exercises to lose weight?

Ideally, you should combine cardio training (cycling, running, zumba, swimming, aquagym, cross-country skiing, etc.) and bodybuilding. You’ll burn calories and melt fat while gaining muscle. Here are some sports proposals for you:

First of all, we have the elliptical trainer. It is simple to use, very effective but also very practical since it can be done in a gym but also at home .. It works almost the whole body, about 80% of your muscles and can burn between 500 and 800 Kcal.hour. There is also rowing or rowing. They work the upper (arms, shoulders, etc.) and lower (calves, Swiss, buttocks, etc.) of the body. A 1 hour session can make you lose up to 800 Kilocalories. We also have, swimming, this complete sport and without affecting the joints, can make you lose 700 Kcal.h by working practically all your muscles.

But if you are not afraid of the cold and you are a fan of outdoor sports , we recommend running instead, good for losing pounds but also for health and morale. A good runner can spend up to 1000 Kcal.hour.

Other interesting activities if you want a change: spinning, cycling, beach volleyball, rugby, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, squash, boxing, jumping fitness and zumba.


Chronobiology to lose weight faster

Some sports doctors claim that weight loss depends, in part, on the time of day when we practice our physical activity. Endurance and intense sport sessions should preferably be scheduled either at the end of the morning, between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. or in the afternoon between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Why ?

The reason is quite simple, during the day, the body is managed by an internal biological clock which determines the periods of wakefulness and sleep, which makes all our organs work and regulates the secretion of different hormones. For example, in the morning, we will produce Cortisol to boost our awakening, during the day, Adrenaline which promotes, among other things, the destocking of fat cells and, in the evening, Melanin to promote good sleep.


So if you practice sports such as jogging , cycling , swimming or any other endurance activity at a steady pace, lasting an hour or more, respecting the recommended time slots, i.e. say late morning or late afternoon; you will find that you burn more fat and therefore lose weight, certainly, faster than before. Try it and let us know!

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