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How to exercise at home?

Exercising regularly is the best way to stay physically and mentally fit. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 1 hour of exercise per day for children and 30 minutes minimum for adults. Everyone will choose their sporting activity according to their age, their sporting level, their free time… Some will prefer jogging or cycling circuits alone, others the crowds of sports halls and others exercises at home. House. But at the moment, with the Covid-19 health crisis and the confinement imposed in certain countries, even outdoor sports lovers are falling back on home sports. But how do you exercise at home ? And especially how to stay motivated day after day?


There are now a multitude of fitness applications and YouTube channels on the Internet that you can use to exercise. Coatchs will show you the movements to do to lose weight, build muscle, refine your silhouette or simply keep in shape and feel better. So the first thing to do is to set a goal. It must of course be achievable to avoid being discouraged quickly and preferably accompanied by a deadline. You will then have to draw up a schedule and schedule your sports sessions in advance. This will prevent you from finding excuses like: “I have too much work…I have to prepare dinner…I have to give the children a bath…I have to do the shopping…”, each time not to do your sport .


Once your goal has been set and your planning done, think no more. At each scheduled session , put on your sportswear, push your furniture, put on some music and go for at least an hour of sport. If you have chosen to follow a video on the net, all the instructions will be given to you by the coach as the session progresses. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to be your own coach, pay close attention to the movements you make and how you do them… You are not immune to a false movement or, even worse, an elongation muscular.

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Start by warming up well by doing an exercise bike, jump rope, rowing, treadmill or any other movement to accelerate your heart rate and increase your body temperature… The warm-up will therefore allow you to warm up your muscles and gradually put them in condition for the rest of the sports session.


After 10 or 15 minutes of warming up, move on to the movements you choose depending on your goal and the parts of your body you want to work. The list of movements is long so take the time to make a selection before your workout. The most popular are of course squats, lunges and step to tone your buttocks and thighs, dips to develop your triceps, sheathing and crunches to strengthen your abs, push-ups… forget to do some stretching and stay hydrated. This will save you from aches.

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