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When Should I Drink After Workout Or Before Workout

We all know that playing sports is very good for our physical and psychological health, but what many do not know is that it is essential to hydrate properly before, during and especially after any sports activity. it is intense or not to allow the body to recover quickly and efficiently. Indeed, during training, our body and our muscles consume energy and sweat. Thus, for a good recovery, we must of course eat healthy and balanced but also hydrate ourselves to allow our body to sweat and regulate its temperature. But then what to drink after sports training?

The first essential drink for everyone and in particular for athletes, is undoubtedly water . That of the tap, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, makes it possible to partially recover what left with perspiration. Mineral water, especially if it is highly mineralized, is also very interesting for rebalancing water losses due to exercise. It is therefore advisable to drink a lot, especially in the hour following a sports session, to regain the sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals lost in sweat. You can also drink sparkling water, with a high content of minerals and bicarbonate, it will prevent you, among other things, from the bad effects of lactic acid.


But in addition to water, it is important to drink so-called recovery drinks . They make it possible to compensate for water and mineral losses, to replenish glycogen stocks with carbohydrates, to promote muscle reconstruction with proteins and to fight against free radicals caused by exercise with antioxidants and in particular vitamins C, E and zinc. You can find ready-to-use drinks such as Recovery Drink from Aptonia, Organic Whey Protein from After Nutrition, CLIF Builder’s Protein Bars, Spirulina from nu3, Recovery Stick MC3 from Stimium, Electrolyte Pastilles from Nuun, etc. and many others.

And you can also prepare your own post-exercise drinks yourself at home with mineral water, carbohydrates, bicarbonates and antioxidants. Start by choosing your mineral water. You will have the choice between the rich in Calcium with more than 120 mg per liter, the rich in Sodium which contain more than 360 mg per liter, those which have a lot of Magnesium with more than 56 mg always per litre, a good bicarbonate content sodium with approximately 600 mg (Vichy St-Yorre and Vichy Célestins) and finally those which are rich in fluorine and which contain more than 1.5 mg per litre.


For our recipe, take a one-liter bottle three-quarters full, add grape or orange juice to fill it, two pinches of baking soda, a pinch of salt and the juice of half a a lemon ; and your drink is ready. You can also drink a milk drink, rich in fast and slow proteins and therefore ideal for muscle recovery after sport ; and allowing in particular to reduce aches. For maximum effect, add cocoa or honey, sources of carbohydrates, and drink your drink within half an hour of your training session , which corresponds to the early recovery phase also called the metabolic window.

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