10 categories of foods not to eat when you’re tired

When you are tired, it is essential to review your diet to get back in shape. The different meals of the day must be modified in order to put the body at rest. In particular, certain foods must be eliminated. Want to know more ? Here are the 10 foods not to eat when you are tired.

1. Light products

Light products contain additives that are potentially dangerous to health. Vigilance is required with aspartame. It would seem that the foods that contain it accentuate various symptoms including pain and fatigue.

2. Foods rich in glutamate

Glutamate is found in many foods. Most often, these foods are very salty such as stock cubes, appetizer cakes or prepared meals. Glutamate, like aspartame, would tend to accentuate fatigue. In addition, it makes digestion difficult and therefore tiring for the body.  

3. Industrial and Refined products

Refined products are low in fiber and therefore more difficult to digest. They contain no or very few vitamins. They are very rich in aspartame, salt and glutamate. In short, they meet all the criteria to be banned!

4. Foods that are too sweet

Beware of sugar. In small quantities, the food does not represent any discomfort. On the other hand, taken in large quantities, it causes a rise in blood sugar and then a rapid fall. During this phase, fatigue is accentuated.

5. Energy drinks

Energy drinks are very sweet and their effect is very temporary. Once this faded, fatigue returns and is even more important. It is more judicious to turn to tea which contains a little caffeine or to fruit packed with vitamins.

6. Foods that contain gluten

Whether you are intolerant, hypersensitive or accept gluten, stopping it during periods of great fatigue is often beneficial. The body has less difficulty digesting which allows it to keep its energy for more important things.

7. Sandwiches

In case of fatigue, the sandwich is to be avoided. It most often consists of bread, fat, cold cuts or cheese and sometimes a few vegetables. It is difficult to digest! In addition, sandwiches are too often eaten on the go, whereas in times of fatigue, it is highly recommended to take the time to eat.

8. Cheese

Cheese is also a food that can increase digestion time and make you more tired. To get your dose of calcium, we rather put on a natural yogurt.

9. Starches

Starchy foods are not to be banned but to be reduced during the day and removed in the evening. Starches also increase digestion time. After the meal, the feeling of being full is as important as it is unpleasant. It’s even worse if the starches are refined!

10. Heavy meals

In general, when fatigue sets in, avoid heavy meals and especially watered meals. The ideal is to put your body at rest and provide it with lots of vitamins!

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