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10 Foods That Become Toxic When Reheated

Stews are even better when reheated. But this is not the case with all foods. Indeed, some of them cannot be reheated in any way because they become dangerous for health. What are these foods? Here are 10 examples.

The mushrooms

Mushrooms are eaten raw or cooked, but never reheated. Indeed, the constitution of the food changes and it becomes toxic. Reheated mushrooms cause stomach aches and digestive disorders. In the most serious cases, they can even cause heart problems.


We love potatoes. We consume it in all its forms. But it is better not to make too much of it because if there are leftovers, vigilance is essential. Reheated potatoes are very difficult to digest. If placed in the microwave oven, it even becomes toxic!


Eggs are foods that are cooked at the last moment and above all that do not heat up. The food deteriorates, it loses its great nutritional qualities and above all, if it is reheated several times, it becomes toxic.

The chicken

Incredible but true: the chicken does not reheat. As it is mainly composed of proteins, it causes digestive disorders and sometimes significant stomach pains. If you have leftovers, make a delicious light mayonnaise and eat the meat cold.

The dried chilli

Under no circumstances should dried peppers be rehydrated and then cooked. These foods can be reduced to powder to add pep to a dish, but that’s it! When heated, the capsaicin they contain can burn your eyes and nose.

The shrimp

Shrimp are foods that must be eaten very quickly. If not, throw them away and don’t reheat them. Why ? Because the risks of food poisoning are too great!

The grape

The grape is a fruit that contains gas. Harmless, this gas turns out to be toxic when the grapes are subjected to high temperatures. We therefore forget the microwave oven if we want to reduce the risks.

BBQ leftovers

Barbecued foods are highly carcinogenic. They are even more so if they are warmed up! As with chicken, it is best to eat this meat cold in order to limit the risks. Cut the sausages into pieces, mix them with lentils, shallots and tomatoes, and you have an original salad.


Rice is a food whose leftovers we do not hesitate to eat. However, these are very dangerous for health since they cause food poisoning. Bacterial spores that multiply are the cause of digestive disorders.

Vegetables that contain nitrates

Vegetables that contain nitrates can in no case be reheated at the risk of causing significant food poisoning. In addition, nitrates can turn into nitrites and become carcinogenic. Among these vegetables there are turnips, celery, spinach, lettuce or even beets.

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