10 foods to avoid to avoid swelling

Certain foods negatively impact the body by causing bloating, swelling and even flatulence. Because of them, we feel huge and we feel bad about ourselves. How to avoid these inconveniences? How to fight bloating? Today, the editorial staff gives you some solutions by revealing 10 foods to avoid so as not to bloat.


All members of the cabbage family cause swelling. How? ‘Or’ What ? They lead to the production of gas which causes bloating, swelling and even flatulence. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli or even red cabbage are excellent for your health. To enjoy it, prefer steam cooking and limit the quantities.

Raw vegetables

We mistakenly think that raw vegetables are good for your health. Because we accompany them with a rich vinaigrette or caloric mayonnaise, they are far from doing us any good. In addition, when we have fragile intestines, raw vegetables cause bloating. To preserve your belly, we opt for grated carrots that we taste with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Legumes are delicious but cause gas in the intestines. This phenomenon causes swelling. The solution ? We always combine legumes with fresh vegetables rich in fiber, and we limit their consumption!


Milk contains lactose. This is absorbed and assimilated by the enzymes present in our digestive system. When we consume too many dairy products, our body no longer follows. The result is clear: we are inflating! To protect yourself, just reduce your consumption of dairy products or opt for almond milk or soy milk.


Cheese is a dairy product. Like milk, it can be difficult to digest and cause bloating and flatulence. Because it is high in salt and fat, cheese is difficult to digest and increases bloating.

The cold cuts

Cold cuts, like cheese, consist of fatty, salty foods that are therefore difficult to digest. Besides, the result is the same: it makes us swell. As charcuterie is also very high in calories, it must be consumed exceptionally.

white bread

Bread made with refined flour causes swelling. It also has a high glycemic index and causes transit disorders such as constipation. What to do ? We simply bet on wholemeal bread!


Because they are full of gas, sodas cause bloating. And because they are high in calories, they visibly increase our waistline. So if we want bubbles, we choose sparkling water with a slice of lemon or orange or a few mint leaves.


Beer is caloric and sweet. Belgian beers and new flavored recipes are the most harmful for our line and our intestines. Beer should therefore be consumed in moderation!

chewing gum

When we chew gum, we swallow a lot of gas. This leads to very unpleasant bloating. In addition, chewing gum is bad for health and teeth.

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