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10 good reasons to take a spirulina cure

Pasta or rice with spirulina, food supplements based on spirulina, the miracle algae invades the shelves  ! Full of minerals, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, omega 6, beta-carotene, it is a concentrate of good health in itself  ! So it seems that this spirulina has a magic power to help you regain shape and tone! So if you weren’t yet convinced of the therapeutic benefits of this micro-algae, here are 10 good reasons to treat it right away!

1- To reboost your body

Do you feel tired, grumpy, your mirror gives you a dull and darkened complexion? In winter, it’s hard to feel in top shape with epidemics, falling temperatures, cold, darkness! Something to depress.

Spirulina helps to energize the body and give a boost to your vitality thanks to its content of iron, micro-nutrients, amino acids and vitamins which promote muscle building and cell reoxygenation. Something to make you want to get up in the morning on the right foot.

2- For its green color

In powder, tablets, flakes, twigs, spirulina is characterized by its pretty green color! Normal, it’s an algae. The color green has a soothing and beneficial power that acts on your brain . In the middle of winter, it’s a touch of freshness! Green evokes nature.

3- To fight against infections

With the changes of seasons, the body suffers greatly. Humidity, negative temperatures, wind, it’s the door open to many infections. The flu and gastroenteritis wreak havoc in winter. What if you anticipated? Spirulina makes your body stronger and allows you to face all those epidemics that wreak havoc in winter.  Tests have shown a reduction in allergic symptoms such as a stuffy or runny nose!

4- To delay cell aging

This is a reason that should motivate women who want to keep their skin supple and elastic! Indeed, spirulina has an antioxidant effect, which slows down aging. Spirulina has nutrients that decrease the oxidation responsible for organ inflammation . What to stay younger and avoid the first fine lines around the eyes.

5- To increase performance

Spirulina is excellent for your health, especially if you practice intense physical activity.  And with its boost effect on the body, it increases tone and performance. In addition, another significant advantage for athletes: it reduces aches following races and training.

6- To fight against cholesterol

Daily consumption of spirulina reduces bad cholesterol levels by 30% and, on the contrary, increases good cholesterol. Spirulina helps preserve your arteries and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

7- To get your dose of protein

Do you have difficulty getting your full daily protein intake? Spirulina is the element you need if you have deficiencies. Indeed, it is composed of 60 to 70% protein . She is the champion in this area before soy, meat or eggs  ! So no need to rack your brains to find out if you have a balanced diet. Add spirulina to your life!

8- To promote digestion

Do certain foods tend to make you bloated? Can’t stand dietary supplements? Know that spirulina has no cellulosic walls unlike other plants, which makes it easier to assimilate and digest!

9- To fill up with minerals

Diet does not always provide the necessary amount of minerals! Spirulina is rich in iron, 10 times more than red meat. It therefore helps to fight against anemia. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium complete this mineral table.

10- To preserve the planet

Finally, consuming spirulina has no impact on the planet. Its culture is ecological, unlike certain foods from industry or industrial agriculture. It therefore represents a natural means of supplementation for the body without fear of polluting the environment!

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