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10 unhealthy objects that we use every day

Some objects are harmful to your health, you are aware of this and yet you continue to use them every day despite the risks  ! Unconscious, lazy? It must be said that these objects are very practical and make your daily life easier. However, we should limit their use to live longer and not suffer the consequences. Proof by 10.

1- Mobile phones

What would your life be like without your cell phone? It’s very simple, it is part of the family , it accompanies you everywhere and is essential for you: for your exchanges, for your alarm clock, for your photos, to check your emails, for your apps. He never leaves you, even at night, he is close to you. Concern ? It is harmful. The waves emitted and vibrations tend to fry your brain and cause headaches . You know it, but you are unable to separate yourself from your “Precious”.

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