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5 tips to make waking up easier

Are you the type to groan in the morning when your alarm clock goes off? You are so comfortable in your bed; you don’t feel like getting up? Especially since once awake, your eyelids are heavy, your eyes tingle; do you feel as soft as a marshmallow? To make waking up easier and rocking out of bed, read these five tips from ahealthines.

1.Create a sunrise ritual

Every morning, it’s the same tune. When your alarm clock or cell phone alarm rings in your ears, you turn it off abruptly, then go back under the duvet and go back to sleep…until it rings again. Typically, it takes you two or three rings to finally wake up. But what torture!

Once and for all, STOP! From now on, create and follow a getting up ritual so that you no longer struggle to wake up. As soon as your alarm clock rings for the first time, turn on your lamp, stop the ringing and get up. Do a few stretches (back, arms, neck, etc.) to reactivate blood circulation and get you in working order, then drink a large glass of cold, lemon water (with a zest of lemon) to boost your body and have instantly fishing when you wake up. To avoid fetching this glass in the kitchen, while still having your head in the flour, consider placing it on your bedside table before going to bed.

2.Prepare your Healthy breakfast

The glass of lemon water is swallowed? It’s time for breakfast . Do you usually skip it, for lack of time, or consume it in two or three bites, downing a glass of orange juice and a chocolate cereal bar? Bad idea !

First of all, prepare your breakfast in advance (the night before before going to bed, for example) if you are short on time each morning. You will no longer have an excuse to miss out.

Then, think that a good breakfast must be complete and balanced. Compose it of at least:

  • a cold or hot drink ,
  • a cereal product (bread, rusks, muesli, etc.), oilseeds or legumes ,
  • and a dairy product (glass of milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.).

To this you can add:

  • a fruity product (fresh fruit, compote, fruit juice, etc.) or a portion of vegetables (crudité sticks, half-avocado, etc.),
  • a portion of meat (turkey breast, ham…), fish (smoked salmon, surimi…) or egg ,
  • and a little sugar (honey, jam…).

The more complete your breakfast, the more it will provide all the nutrients your body needs to wake up well. Whether savory or sweet, vary its composition according to your desires so that you never get tired of it.

If you really aren’t hungry in the morning, don’t force yourself to eat breakfast. This is a sign that your stomach is not ready; leave it alone until the appetite arrives in the morning… In which case, choose a simple fruit to facilitate digestion and not disturb lunchtime.

Finally, if you prefer to wash before consuming your breakfast, it is not a problem! Little trick: finish your shower, your bath or your toilet at the sink by running a jet of cold water over your face; it will give you (even more) a good boost!

3.Be optimistic

Have you ever noticed that you have no trouble waking up when you’re on vacation? Come to think of it, it’s true: you’re still super motivated when you wake up, even if you went to bed late. But why ? Because you are unconsciously excited at the idea of ​​discovering the country in which you are or the activities you are going to practice. In short, your vacation days give you a boost… unlike those of your daily life when you work or stay at home.

To visualize your days with optimism , like on vacation, and thus facilitate your awakening, think of one or more good reasons to get up (see your colleagues, lunch with friends, romantic cinema…). Is it the black hole? Condition your thoughts the night before, before bed, by writing in a notebook all the reasons why you’ll want to wake up the next day. All you have to do is read them before you get up. It’s psychological, it works!

4.Compose your dinner well

It’s not just breakfast that’s important for waking up; lunch and especially dinner are also useful! In the same way that they allow you to stay healthy, a well-composed and balanced lunch and dinner structure your appetite, facilitate your digestion, facilitate your bedtime, improve the quality of your sleep… and therefore that of your energy at night. awakening !

A well-balanced lunch and dinner should consist of, in different amounts, one serving of vegetables , one serving of starchy foods , one serving of meat, fish or eggs , one dairy product and a fruity product . Eat more at noon than in the evening; your dinner must be complete while remaining light. Eat foods low in sugar and fat that won’t upset your digestion. Remember that if you eat too much in the evening, your body will spend almost two thirds of the night digesting without being able to regenerate and rest!

Finally, another thing: remember to have dinner at least 1h30 before going to bed. Digestion will have time to take place, so you can fall asleep (even) more easily.

5.Create a bedtime ritual

In the same way that you have created a ritual for getting up, prepare a ritual for bedtime to facilitate your awakening. What does it consist on ? In three points:

  1. Check the quality of your bedding and the temperature of your room heater . Nothing worse than sleeping in dirty sheets or waking up in the middle of the night because it’s too hot or, conversely, too cold…
  2. Prepare your work things and the clothes you will wear the next day. Do this before or after preparing breakfast and the glass of lemon water that you will swallow when you wake up.
  3. Prepare your body for sleep and relax. Read a novel, leaf through a magazine, meditate or do yoga (…), for example. Avoid watching TV, using the computer, listening to music, or fiddling with your cell phone before bed.

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