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I’m too skinny, what should I do?

If some are obsessed with their line and weight gain, chaining diets repeatedly, for others, however, the obsession concerns their thinness. Do not be fooled by appearances !

Because these girls who make you envy with their shapeless androgynous silhouette sometimes have only one desire: to be able to gain weight, and sport curves, a symbol of femininity!

Being thin is far from being aesthetic and often these women suffering from thinness are complexed and suffer. Tired of being skeletal? Some tips for gaining some weight and muscle mass.  

Thinness, a fatality? For some women, no matter what they eat, they fail to gain weight. Whether they eat light, nibble, stuff themselves, their balance will never fluctuate. Enough to make those who are determined to lose a few pounds green with rage and jealous.

A real complex

However, thinness is far from being a criterion of sensuality, of glamour. Above all, we must stop considering thin people as lucky people. Far from there !

Most are haunted by this desire to gain weight and are tired of being called anorexic . Difficult for skinny people to be flirtatious, to present pretty necklines (for lack of breasts), to wear tight-fitting clothes…

Gaining mass means gaining both fat and especially muscle to shape your figure and sport pretty shapes. 

An adapted protein diet

To gain grams, you will have to start by eating more and increasing the number of meals. Before starting, it is important to calculate your daily energy expenditure to know the number of calories expended in relation to what you eat. 

The goal: to absorb more calories than you burn. Increase both your rations and your portions, plan five to six meals a day, while gradually introducing foods, so as not to unbalance your metabolism.

And on the food side, you will have to bet on the category of those with high energy density, that is to say rich in calories: sweet applesauce, white rice and you will have to limit foods considered satiating with an index high satiety, especially cereals rich in fiber, fruits, meat…

On the other hand, bet on protein foods , those that help build muscle (egg whites, chicken breasts, almonds, nuts).

Bodybuilding sessions

In addition to food, you will have to get active and exercise if you want to gain muscle mass. Sport remains the best stimulant.

And there, bet on sports such as fitness, bodybuilding, athletics , which will stimulate your resistance and your appetite!

Plan training sessions of three sessions per week lasting one hour each. In addition, if you are stressed, sport will help you better control your emotions, channel your stress and thus burn fewer calories.

If you are still unable to gain weight, be sure to consult your doctor . Thinness should alert you to a potential illness.

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