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The dangers of piercing

You have decided to get a piercing  ! Far from being a trivial act, this decision requires taking precautions and above all finding out about “piercers” to avoid risks and other complications. It is necessary to be aware of the dangers of piercing.

Certainly, you dreamed of it for a long time! Belly, tongue, brow bone, piercing is fashionable and is becoming a real jewel of the skin.

No doubt it is aesthetic but we must not neglect the possible very serious consequences on health.  Indeed, the piercing requires piercing your skin, the mucous membranes and is therefore the open door for infectious agents.

There are many risks when the piercing is done but also during the healing period. Know that there are contraindications to the installation of the piercing . If you suffer from chronic skin diseases, dental infections, immune deficiencies, it is strongly advised not to have one posed under penalty of putting your health in danger.


Be very vigilant about hygiene and choose your piercer-tattoo artist according to these criteria. Indeed, there are standard health rules that all piercers must imperatively respect: single-use equipment, sterilization of equipment, in particular pliers, jewellery, instruments and premises, wearing of gloves, disposal of waste.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, to visit the premises, to check the cleanliness of the piercer (short nails, clean hair, absence of rings…). The jewel must absolutely be made of surgical steel or gold . Therefore do not do your piercing on a whim!

Placing a piercing depending on the chosen location can cause many inconveniences: bleeding, hematoma, nerve damage, allergies such as contact eczema due to the disinfectants used.

In any case, if after the installation of your piercing, you observe a persistence of effects and inflammation (swelling, redness, difficulty healing), it is imperative to consult your doctor.


In most cases, local microbial infections occur. These reactions are the most common and are caused by staphylococci and streptococci. These reactions concern particular areas such as the navel, the nose where germs tend to accumulate.

Hence the importance of having impeccable hygiene after the installation of your piercing and of monitoring the slightest anomaly. Thus all lesions must be disinfected with an antiseptic and the dressing must be renewed several times a day.

A lack of hygiene can cause many health concerns. The main risk remains that of viral or bacterial contamination  : warts and especially viruses (especially hepatitis and HIV).

In case of severe bacterial infection, the piercing can lead to gangrene, sepsis. If you have opted for an oral piercing, be aware that this type increases the risk of dental fracture and gum disease by 20%.

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