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Top 10 vegetables that cause flatulence

Admittedly, vegetables are good for your health… But you might as well say it once and for all: it makes you explode!

1. Onion

During digestion, the enzymes and sulfur compounds contained in the onion break down and turn into gas. Good to know !

2. Red cabbage

Red cabbage, but also cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or green cabbage (…), cabbage (all varieties combined) is a crucifer which contains raffinose. This substance, once swallowed, ferments in the stomach and produces a lot of gas. And that’s not all ! Like onions, cabbage contains sulfur compounds…

3. Bell pepper

Green, yellow, orange or red, the pepper is a vegetable that gives taste, texture and color to our sunny recipes. Only problem: when the pepper is eaten raw, its fibers are sometimes poorly supported by the delicate intestines… So, to avoid any hassle, it is imperative to clean it well (by getting rid of its epidermis, made up of rather tough fibers), to detail it well in very fine sections, to cook it and to chew it well.

4. The artichoke

The problem with the artichoke is that it contains inulin, a carbohydrate that is difficult for the body to assimilate and which makes the artichoke sometimes difficult to digest. Thus, when consumed in too large quantities, the artichoke can cause intestinal disorders (gas, but also bloating, constipation, etc.)

5. Beans

Whether they’re white or red, it’s no secret that beans make you pop. Why ? Because these are so-called fermentable foods. Same thing: they ferment in our stomach, once ingested, and thus cause gas. A solution ? Soak them for 24 hours in a bowl filled with water before cooking.

6. Lentils

Same goes for lentils which, like beans, are fermentable legumes.foods.

7. Flageolets

And we don’t spare flageolets which, of course, have a different name, but are also white beans. They also cause flatulence.

8. Broccoli

Among the crucifers, there is also broccoli! Raffinose, remember? It produces a lot of gas… In short, a solution? Steam it and discard the first cooking water (and it also works for cauliflower and company!)

9. Radish

No problem for the radish… except if it is eaten raw, as an aperitif or as a starter, accompanied by bread, butter and salt! In reality, all raw vegetables, called raw vegetables, can cause flatulence. For what reasons ? Because their digestion is more difficult when they are raw and uncooked. The fibers they contain are more difficult to assimilate. They stagnate and then ferment in the stomach. And so, gas!

10. The shallot

Replacing the onion with shallot in his recipe, to avoid farts, is that a good idea? Not that much, because the shallot is also a vegetable that causes flatulence… Decidedly!

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