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Why choose an elliptical trainer to exercise at home?

You work until impossible hours and you don’t have time to go to the gym regularly! Don’t let yourself go! You risk finding yourself without any sports activity for months with all that this entails as problems for your physical and moral health.

Working out at home is therefore the ideal solution for you. You can follow the videos on YouTube of well-known coaches but also choose to invest in a treadmill, an exercise bike, a rower…or even an elliptical trainer . This cardio-training device, which has been very successful in gyms and at home for several years, is known to be complete. It allows you to work the whole body to help you lose weight and tone the muscles of the thighs, calves, glutes and also the arms, shoulders, abdominal belt and back.

Indeed, a well-done elliptical trainer session is more effective than running, weight training or even a fitness class. It is rather comparable to a good jogging, swimming or cycling. A one-hour session can help you burn between 500 and 800 kilocalories depending on the intensity of your efforts. Over time, it will also dramatically improve your cardiovascular system.

But for your elliptical trainer sessions to be effective and your training optimized, it is very important to position your body correctly on the device. Start by putting your feet forward, in the center of each pedal and your hands on the stationary handlebars of the bike. Look straight ahead with your hips and torso straight and launch yourself putting your weight on the pedals, one after the other, alternating the movement until you pick up the rhythm. There you can place your hands on the swing arms and forward for a good workout.

Be careful, if you haven’t done any sport for a long time, it is still advisable to start gently with fairly short sessions of around ten minutes before going to 20, 30 and then an hour.

But the question we all ask ourselves is: does the elliptical trainer really make you lose weight? The answer is yes, of course, but on condition that you are regular, put in the necessary effort and eat healthy. A 45-minute session three times a week, at a moderate pace, to avoid running out of breath quickly, can give visible results in a few months. You will expend energy and therefor

The elliptical trainer is therefore the ideal device to have at home. However, it has some easily circumvented drawbacks such as its size, which can be adjusted by choosing a foldable or wheeled model, its relatively expensive price compared to other sports equipment, but here again the solution is to buy it during periods of promotions, you can have it at a very attractive price, especially since it can quickly be amortized if you completely stop your subscription to the gym. And to avoid falling into routine and getting tired of your elliptical trainer, don’t hesitate to vary your movements by watching videos or even listening to music or following your favorite series while doing your exercises.

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